In addition to photoshoot packages Le Chat Noir offers wide album collections, loose prints and framed wall-arts.

The Albums

Hand-Made with the best photographic paper and Italian leather

These Albums Will Last Forever



All of my albums are lay-flat, which means when the book is open and laid flat, the image is spread across two facing pages. Think of it as a centrefold! The fold across the middle of the spine is very subtle and doesn’t cause much disruption to the image. It’s hardly noticeable, but the photos below highlight what it looks like close up.



The smallest album we offer is a 6×8 up to a 10×10. The best seller is a 9×12 that is a perfect combination of size and cost. The Couture Collection includes a custom box made with the same cover material as the album.

These are hand made boxes and come in 4 sizes – 10×10, 9×12, 12×9, and 12×12.

Frames and Loose Prints

Hand-Made Frames To Enhance Your Beauty

Premium Oak


Beautifully hand-made, these frames are designed to make an impression. 
You will see yourself as an artwork and will truly empower you forever.

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Matted Prints


Choose your favourite photos and print them in A4 size. 
Each photo will be printed and matted for you to keep them in a presentation box or to be installed in your favourite frame.

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The Album Delivery

Why You Should Book In

Boudoir is not about being perfect (who is anyway?).

 Boudoir is not even really about being “sexy.” Boudoir is about self-love. Yes, yes, you will probably end up in your underwear looking hot AF, but the true value comes from showing up for yourself, saying I’m enough, right here, right now.

But I’m not there yet…

As Andy Warhol once said, “All is beautiful.” The fixes and upgrades you think you need to make beforehand are not necessary. I promise. The best thing you can do to “get there”  is quiet your inner critic and just leap. That might sound insane, or scary, or just too much. But I'm here for you. I'm on your side, pulling for you. Even if you’re nervous coming in, that’s ok!  In fact, I welcome nerves. Those butterflies mean you’re outside of your comfort zone, and that is where growth and self-discovery really flourish.


Why would you choose me?

I am very connected to my clients, and of course, I am ready to listen to your personal life story.

Send me a message describing what type of product you are after.

I will be happy to give you a customized offer.

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