Hi there!

Welcome to Le Chat Noir – Boudoir based in Melbourne (Brunswick).

My name is Alessio Petti and I am the owner photographer of Le Chat Noir – Boudoir. I am an expert boudoir photographer. I will guide you throughout the entire boudoir experience, from posing to album customization.

The inspirations that have thrown me into the world of photography are all of the books I’ve read, all the love movies I’ve been watching all the poems I’ve been reading, and the fantastic works of Tim Walker and the incredible Peter Lindbergh, who have been some of my idols since I have memory. I’ve studied and photographed women for many years, I have deep knowledge in posing and a strong ability to make people laugh!

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Photography means feelings: it transmits sensations and emotions, especially boudoir photography…

Let’s work together to custom-design your boudoir session to reflect who you are and what you expect your images to be, at the end of your experience you’ll have the pleasure of owning artwork of yourself that you’ll cherish forever.