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Boudoir is about liberation, celebration, freedom, and just being. 

It’s a container to explore yourself however you want to, to be the version of yourself you want to be.

Watch and read what other women have to say 
after their boudoir experience with Le Chat Noir Boudoir.

A Bride To Be

“My biggest struggle? Self-confidence. I’ve ALWAYS hated my body. I would look in the mirror and just cry because I didn’t like the way I looked.” – K.

A Psychologist

“Owning Your Sexuality Is An Amazing, Empowering Feeling” – D.

"I am not
Just a Mum"

” I didn’t see myself this sensual until now… Every aspect of my life have improved considerably since I have had my first boudoir photoshoot” – K.

Once you have posed for your first boudoir photoshoot and seen the results, you will know how good it feels to see yourself in your truest, most uninhibited form.

Some women share their boudoir photos with their partners, and others keep the photos as a gift of self-love for just themselves.

Some women share their photos on social media for the world to see or with other women to inspire them and show them that boudoir photoshoots are not something to be feared but rather embraced.

Regardless of who you share your photos with, there is generally one constant: owning your sexuality is an amazing, empowering feeling.

To allow someone else to see you at a vulnerable moment takes remarkable strength and confidence, and the benefit to them will make it all worth it, especially if they are moved to do their own photoshoot.


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