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Are you stuck in a rut, and need help reigniting your spark?

Boudoir photography is a very challenging field that requires dedication and consistency to master.

I have been shooting Boudoir Photography since 4 years and being published in many Photography Magazines, like Noir Boudoir, The Woman Album, Boudoir Education, Skorpio, The Parasite in New York and many more... 

Since 2020 I am collaborating with some of the Head names in the boudoir field, like Michael Sasser.

I can offer Marketing support on your social media pages, critiques on your website, tips and tricks on retouching and shooting new concepts.


Send me a private message and share with me what are the hot points of your business that you are struggling with, I will be happy to share my knowledge with you.

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Melbourne boudoir photographer

Alessio Petti

Founder and CEO

You can run a profitable business...
let me show you how

You want to know something? I think the words “profitable” and “successful” have become dirty words that we associate with those slimy salespeople, or big rich companies who care more about the 0’s in their bank account than they do about people.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be a slimy salesperson to run a profitable business, and you can do it without selling your soul. You do it the same way you photograph people – with love, and from the heart.

Because when you care about people, you focus on serving your clients and making a difference in their lives; you end up with a heart-centred business that aligns with your values and your why, and is more likely to generate income (money that you can feel good about earning).

Learning the skills to run a business with your whole heart can be hard – after all, it’s not the kind of skill set they teach at school or university but here’s how I can help you.

No matter where you’re at, I would truly love to connect with you and help you figure it out. You don’t have to go it alone, and I’m here to help (and I promise to be an open book – nothing is off-limits).

The Art Of Business

  • Defining your why and finding your niche.

  • Meeting your Ideal Client.

  • Creating a killer customer experience + workflow from start to finish.

  • Managing your clients + their expectations.

  • Legal stuff (contracts + other legal requirements).

  • How to price yourself for profit (and feel good about it).

  • Understanding your finances, and managing your cash flow for profit.

  • Setting business goals + staying motivated and inspired.

  • Marketing 101 (basic overview of social media, and optimising your website for killer SEO).

  • Business 101 (essential communication skills, what to do when things go wrong)

  • Mindset management (redefining your definition of success, developing business confidence, dealing with imposter syndrome, and learning to love “failure”).

Finding Your Creative Voice

  • Portfolio Review (gently, with honesty).

  • Starting with Why.

  • Developing your brand message.

  • Photography 101 (understanding manual + composition skills)

  • Editing 101 (culling, editing, tips and tricks, finding your style)

  • Connecting + engaging with your clients.

  • Natural, joyful and emotive posing tips.

  • Visual story-telling skills (how to share your why with images).

  • Seeing the Light, and the embracing the shadows.

  • How to stay inspired.

  • Understanding + cultivating creativity when you feel stuck or bored.

  • Developing creative confidence (and the courage to do what sets your heart on fire).

Alessio Petti Boudoir Photography

Being a photographer is one of the best jobs in the world

 And “being a photographer” sounds fun, until you realise you actually have to run a business too.

You suddenly realise that you need to wear 10 hats instead of just one.

You’ve gone from just being a photographer to also juggling marketing, sales, customer service, bookkeeping, content creation, website design - quickly you realise there’s a lot to learn, and this is where a mentor can help.

In the early years, a mentor can help you find your feet, develop your voice, figure out how to price yourself, level up your photography skills, and give you the confidence to not only survive, but thrive.

Even if you’ve been a photographer for 3,5 or 15 years, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and working with a mentor you trust can help you in so many ways, from being a confidant, a sounding board, give you a confidence boost, refresh your biz and help to reignite your spark.

And sometimes we all just need someone to bounce ideas off, get an outsider's perspective and provide us some direction.

And sure - I don’t have a degree in mentoring, but I’m a rad listener, I love to solve problems, but more importantly I’m passionate about helping others succeed, and being the best version of themselves.


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Photoshop Tricks

In this quick photoshop retouching tutorial, I will show you my special secret technique to add sculpture like dodge and burn effect to portraits in a Non-Destructive way.
This is a very popular process that give prominence to the existing highlights and shadows in subject’s skin.  I take the extra time to do this to nearly every image I retouch, so for me, it’s almost like a “finishing step” that gives the image that extra depth. This method requires a great deal of skill to improve a photo but i made it lot more simple and easier. 1. Duplicate background image. 2. Rename the layer to “DODGE” 3. Change the layer blending to screen. This step lightens the overall image. 4. Now double click on the layer to open blending options. Go to blend if section. The important slider here is Underlying Layer, we need to reduce the lighten affect from the shadows. So drag the black triangles to the right until you will see that the particular lighten areas are influenced, see now we selected the specified highlight areas. 5. Hold Option or Alt Key clicking on the triangles splits them so you can feather the blending effect. Keep an eye on the image and slowly drag the black handles to add depth to the highlights. 6. click ok to apply the changes. 7. Duplicate background layer again. Rename layer to BURN and move the layer to top. 8. Change the layer blending to MULTIPLY. This step darkens the overall image. 9.Now double click on the BURN layer to open blending options. 10. This time we need to minimize the darken affect from the highlights. So drag the white triangles to the left until you will see that the particular influenced areas to appear. Once we selected the specified shadow areas. 11. Hold Option or Alt Key clicking on the triangles splits them so you can feather the blending effect. Keep an eye on the image and slowly drag the white handles to add depth to the shadows, click ok to apply the changes.We successfully lighten and darken particular areas and draw attention to areas of an image. 12. Now group the top two dodge and burn layer CTRL +G.We need to blend this group with the bottom original background layer. So add layer mask by clicking the MASK icon. 13. Select the layer mask and go to image tab and choose apply image.Keep everything setting to default and click ok. I’m keeping group opacity at 100% because i’m happy with result. If necessary we can lower the group opacity to control the depth. That’s it. We’re done. 

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